Purchasing Supplies: Retail vs. Wholesale

Why Choose Wholesale Over Retail for Your Candle-Making Supplies?

Imagine you're walking through your local craft store and stumble upon their candle-making supplies. It seems convenient to grab everything you need right there. However, you might not realize you're likely paying significantly more compared to purchasing from a wholesale supplier like us.

Retail vs. Wholesale: What's the Difference?

Retail: Selling goods to the public in small quantities for personal use or consumption rather than for resale.

Wholesale: Selling goods in large quantities to retailers or other businesses, cutting out the middleman and reducing potential additional costs.

Cost Comparison: Retail vs. Wholesale

To illustrate the difference in cost, let's compare the expenses of purchasing candle-making supplies from a retail store versus our wholesale prices. While the materials may not be identical, this comparison provides a general idea of the cost differences.

Retail Store Items:
  • Natural Soy Wax - 2 Pounds
  • Glass Jar - 8oz
  • Lid Sold With Jar
  • Bubble Gum Liquid Candle Fragrance
  • Soy Wicks With Tabs
  • 4-Pound Pour Pitcher
  • Bow Tie Wick Centering Clips

Lone Star Items:
Product Size/Quantity Retail Price Wholesale Price
Soy Wax 2 Pounds $12.99 $5.97
Jars/Lids 1 Dozen $35.88 $13.73
Fragrance Oil 1 Ounce $4.49 $2.89
Wicks 5 $1.29 $0.49
Pouring Pot 1 $12.99 $11.95
Wick Bars 2 $1.40 $1.40
Total - $69.04 $36.43

Despite minor variations, these products are comparable. The price difference is significant, with a savings of $32.61 when purchasing from us. Imagine the additional supplies you could buy with that savings!.

Bulk Pricing Benefits

Our products are available in bulk, providing even greater savings. For example, while we don't sell soy wax in 2-pound increments, you can purchase a 10-pound bag. Here's a comparison for making 12 container candles (8oz jars) requiring approximately 6 pounds of wax and 1 oz of fragrance oil per pound of wax.

Retail Pricing

Product Size/Quantity Retail Price
Soy Wax 6 Pounds $38.97
Jars/Lids 1 Dozen $35.88
Fragrance Oil 12 Ounces $26.94
Wicks 15 $3.87
Pouring Pot 1 $12.99
Wick Bars 1 Dozen $8.40
Total - $127.05

Wholesale Pricing

Product Size/Quantity Wholesale Price
Soy Wax 10 Pounds $29.87
Jars/Lids 1 Dozen $13.73
Fragrance Oil 16 Ounces $19.99
Wicks 100 $9.85
Pouring Pot 1 $11.95
Wick Bars 1 Dozen $8.40
Total - $93.79

As demonstrated, the cost difference remains substantial even when buying in bulk. Although our prices do not include shipping costs, the overall savings compared to retail prices are significant enough to remain advantageous. Additionally, when purchasing the items outlined above from us, you receive more materials than needed to make 12 candles, yet the overall price is still significantly lower.

Pros & Cons of Retail and Wholesale

    Retail Pros:
    • Immediate purchase, no waiting or paying for shipping.

    Retail Cons:
    • Higher costs
    • Limited bulk purchasing
    • Limited selection
    • Lack of expert support
    • Uncertain product quality

    Wholesale Pros:
    • Lower costs
    • Bulk purchasing options
    • Extensive product selection
    • Export support and advice
    • High-quality products

    Wholesale Cons:
    • Shipping costs and wait time (unless you're local and can pick up your order)

    We understand that not all our customers can visit our Fort Worth, Texas location for pickup. That's why we offer affordable and fast shipping across the US and Canada. We also ship to US territories and international military bases via USPS. While shipping can be costly, purchasing supplies in bulk from us remains far more cost-efficient than buying from a retail store.

Beyond Cost Savings

The advantages of purchasing from Lone Star Candle Supply extend beyond cost savings. We offer a vast selection of 300 fragrance oils, nearly 30 different waxes, a wide variety of candle jars, and much more. Our products are top quality, with our waxes and fragrance oils regarded among the best in the industry, helping you create high-end products.

Additionally, buying in bulk allows you to benefit from volume discounts for even greater savings. Our customer service team is experienced and knowledgeable, ready to assist with any questions or troubleshooting. We also maintain direct contact with manufacturers for more detailed support, ensuring you receive the best possible advice and solutions.

When choosing where to purchase your supplies, consider not only the cost but also the quality of products and the level of customer service. While the convenience of a retail store is appealing, the comprehensive benefits of buying from Lone Star Candle Supply are clear. Save money, access high-quality materials, and receive expert support by choosing us as your wholesale supplier.