Payment FAQ

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about payment.

Q: Do you offer open account terms?

A: We do not offer open account terms. This helps us to keep our costs down so that we can offer competitive pricing.

Q: Can I place an order if I do not have a credit or debit card?

A: If using a credit or debit card is not an option, we can also accept payment by cashier’s check or money order. We are not able to accept payment by personal or business check. You are welcome to call us with your order, and we can call you back with the complete total. Or you can also use our online shopping cart to help determine the total for your order. Please ensure that shipping charges and sales tax of 8.25% are included, if applicable.

Q: If I’m paying with a credit card, will my card be charged immediately?

A: Yes, your credit or debit card will be charged as soon as the order is placed.

Q: It looks like my credit card was charged more than one time. What happened?

A: It may appear as though your credit card was charged more than one time if you are having difficulty submitting your online order. However, your credit card is not actually getting charged multiple times. If you are on the Checkout page of our website and are inputting your billing, shipping, and credit card information, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KEY THIS INFORMATION IN CORRECTLY BEFORE YOU CLICK ON THE "PLACE ORDER" BUTTON.

Once the "Place Order" button has been clicked, the website has a secure layer which transmits the amount of the order to the credit card issuing bank. The bank at this point sets aside these funds and they are placed on hold. This is what is known as "authorizing" the funds. Just because the funds have been authorized does not mean the funds have been charged. They are merely set aside in reserve. The second layer of our website security then checks to make sure that the billing address matches the cardholder name and the address you have on file with your credit card. This is for your security as a customer to prevent credit card fraud and theft. If the address or zip code doesn't match or if any part of the credit card information was keyed in incorrectly, the website will present an error message and ask that you check to make sure the information you entered is correct. If you don't correct the information, or only correct part of the information that is wrong, and click the "Place Order" button again, the process repeats itself and the funds are set aside once again. It is very important that you put in the correct information.

We do not actually receive your order until your order has been successfully submitted and you get a confirmation page stating such. Once the correct information is entered and you get the confirmation page, we will only receive the order one time, regardless of how many times you attempted to enter in your information.

The funds that may have been "set aside" on your credit card more than once if you continued to click the "Place Order" button will be released and the charges will not go through multiple times. If you have any questions you can always contact our Customer Service department and we will be happy to help you.