Other Products FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about some of our other products.

Q: Can I change the items that come in a starter kit?

A: The kits that we sell on our website are all prepackaged, so we are unable to make any alterations to the contents.

Q: Can I use your liquid dyes in the water crystals?

A: Since our liquid dyes are oil-based, they are not suitable for use with water crystals. Food coloring works very well in them.

Q: Is there a special fragrance oil that has to be used with water crystals?

A: No, any of our fragrances can be used with them.

Q: How do I clean my pouring pot?

A: You do not have to get your pouring pot completely spotless before starting your next batch. Once you have finsihed pouring the wax that is in the pouring pot, you can heat the pouring pot the double boiler to get the was to melt off the sides. There should be minimal amount of wax left in it, and you should be able to wipe it clean with a few paper towels. The small amount of residue left on the side of the pot is not enough to contaminate your next batch. If there is an amount left that is too much to clean with paper towels you may want to pour a small candle, or have a can that you can pour all of your excess "unusable" wax in.

Q: Are you able to personalize labels?

A: We are not able to print personalized labels. The only labels we carry are caution labels, and they are preprinted without an area for a company or fragrance name.

Q: What size candles do the wick bars and bow tie wick bars fit?

A: The single wick bar is 5" long, so it would be suitable for containers or molds that are about 4.75" in diameter. The bow tie wick bar is 3.75" long, so it would be suitable for an opening of about 3.625".

Q: I have seen/heard of wax-dipped animals before, but what purpose do they serve?

A: Wax dipped animals are used as air fresheners, and they are a good alternative in places where you may not be able to burn candles. They are popular to use in a child's room (as long as they cannot reach them) or in work places where candles may not be permitted.

Q: Are all stuffed animals suitable for wax dipping?

A: Most stuffed animals will work. You would need to make sure they are clean and somewhat heat resistant.

Q: Where can I find directions for making wax dipped bears?

A: We have directions for making them listed on our website. It also includes a list of items that you would need to complete them.

Q: Are you supposed to be able to burn wax dipped animals?

A: No, the wax dipped animals are only used as air fresheners. They are not meant to be burned.

Q: What are aroma beads made of?

A: Our aroma beads are made of a proprietary blend of plastics.

Q: What is the recommended usage of fragrance oil for aroma beads?

A: Our aroma beads can hold about 1-2oz of fragrance oil per pound. The amount they can hold will depend on the fragrance oil itself. Some fragrances are more dense than others and the aroma beads cannot hold as much of those dense fragrances as they can the lighter ones. (Blueberry Cobbler for example is very dense while Fruit Slices is very light).

Q: Are the aroma beads reusable?

A: No, you cannot add more fragrance oil to the aroma beads once the scent load is maxed out or they have been baked/melted.

Q: Does the liquid dye affect the scent throw of my aroma beads?

A: Since the liquid dyes have a bit of an odor, adding too much dye might affect or change your scent throw. We don't recommend adding more than 5-7 drops of liquid dye per pound of aroma beads.

Q: Does baking the aroma beads give you a better scent throw compared to just adding fragrance oil?

A: Baking doesn't necessarily improve scent throw but, baking the beads for too long or at too high a temperature can weaken the scent throw so we don't recommend melting them in the oven for too long.

If you are unable to find the answers to your questions here, please contact customer service.