How to Make Fall Centerpieces

Don't you just LOVE decorating your home for Fall? In this tutorial, we will show you how to create some deliciously scented votive candles and show you how you can use them to make your own glass luminaries for a Fall centerpiece!

Here's What You'll Need to Make the Candles:

Paraffin or Soy Container Wax
Votive Jars
Fragrance Oil (We recommend some of our Fall Fragrances)
Candle Dye
Wicks (We used the LX-16's in the IGI 4630 wax)
Pouring Pot
Digital Scale
Wick Stickers
Metal Spoon or Stir Stick
Medium Sauce Pan
Metal Cookie Cutter or Trivet
Parchment or Wax Paper

First, we decided to make some votive candles that would be both functional and pretty! To make these candles, I followed the step by step guide that shows you how to make a container candle.

Step 1

The first step here is to measure out the wax. We used a putty knife to cut it into chunks and measure out the amount of wax we needed. These little votive jars hold approximately 2.5oz of wax so we measured out about 1 pound of wax for 6 jars.

Step 2

While the wax was melting, we spaced my jars out on some parchment paper and adhered the wicks to the bottom of the jars with a wick sticker. Laying the parchment paper down will help make cleanup a breeze if there are any drips or spills. It can also help protect your countertops from any damage from dye or fragrance oil.

Step 3

Once the wax reached about 185°F, we added the fragrance oil and stirred for about 2-3 minutes to make sure that the fragrance oil would bind to the wax and not settle to the bottom of the candle. We then added the pumpkin dye, using scissors to snip off little shavings of the dye block and sprinkled it into the pouring pot.

You'll need to be careful not to add too much dye to the wax so you don't end up with a clogged wick!

Step 4

Once we decided we liked the color, we checked to see if the wax was at the right temperature for pouring which is about 155°F.

Then, we slowly poured the wax into the votive jars and filled them up about 1/4 of an inch below the lip of the jar. If you fill your containers up to the very top, you risk having melted wax spill over the sides of the jar so make sure you leave plenty of room for your melt pool!

Step 5

Next, we centered the wicks using a wick bar and let the candles set up over night. This wax is a single-pour but sometimes it can shrink up just a little bit so you may need to do a second pour. Do not do the second pour until the wax has completely cooled otherwise the wax may continue to shrink and the second pour may not fix the shrinkage.

Here's What You'll Need to Make the Centerpieces:

Libbey Cylinder Jars 22oz
Libbey Cube Jars 22oz
The Votive Candles Made in Part 1
Foam Glitter Balls (or your filler of choice)
Fall Gemstones
Decorative Fall Leaves
Mini Fall Garland
Decorative Pumpkins
Other Fall Decor Items

Step 6

First, we poured some of the foam glitter balls into one of the 22oz Cubes then placed one of the candles on top of the balls. We then had to place more glitter balls around the candle until the sides were mostly covered up. It was a bit tricky to make sure that the candles were balanced on the balls but we were able to steady the jars better with the balls that surrounded them.

Step 7

Next, we used the 31oz Cylinder Jars and poured the plastic Fall gems into the container. These gems were too large to fit around the sides of the candle container so we had to move them around and re-situate them until the candle was balanced.

And Voila! You have beautiful, handmade, Fall centerpieces for your home! These were so easy and so much fun to create!

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