Learn about Liquid Dyes & Dye Blocks for Candle Making

Liquid Dyes

Our liquid dyes are highly soluble in wax and contain no particles of insoluble matter or sediment sometimes found when using powdered dyes that can settle to the bottom of a candle. The liquid dyes reduce the chance of color shifting after a candle is made because of their superior solubility characteristics, although the use of UV Light Stabilizer is still recommended. All of our liquid dyes come in a glass bottle with a rubber bulb dropper & glass pipette to greatly improve your accuracy when mixing in dyes!

Our liquid dye products are also extremely concentrated. Although colors vary, on average, 1 ounce of liquid dye is enough to color over 100 pounds of wax to a medium shade. An infinite number of colors can be produced using these dyes. Many different shades can be made out of each color by adjusting the amount you use. For more detailed examples of how to use the liquid dye, check out our liquid dye usage page.

Check out our liquid dye color cart.

Dye Blocks

Our dye blocks are a new and unique system for coloring candles. No scales for weighing or prior knowledge about using dyes in making candles is necessary. It is all laid out and easy to follow on a color chart with directions under each color swatch.

The exact amount of dye has been calculated into each block to make each color in the color chart. You can make several colors and shades with the same block just by varying the volume of wax with a single dye block. All of the dye blocks are compatible with each other in any candle wax in case you want to mix colors together to make different or unusual colored candles.

There are 27 colors of dye blocks available as well as two types of UV absorbers. A kit is also available that contains all twenty-nine blocks.

The dye block color chart and usage guidelines are available for free download by clicking the files below (you must disable any popup blockers), or you may purchase the Color Chart & Usage Guidelines laminated and in full color.

Check out our dye block color chart.

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