Guide to Dye Block Usage in Candle Making

General Guidelines

Our dye blocks provide a simple and effective system for coloring candles without the need for scales or prior dye usage knowledge. Each block is pre-measured to achieve the colors shown on our color chart, ensuring consistency and ease of use.

Using Dye Blocks

To create different shades of a color, you can vary the amount of wax used with a single dye block. For example:

  • For a light shade: Use one dye block with a larger amount of wax.
  • For a medium shade: Follow the recommended amount of wax on the color chart.
  • For a dark shade: Use less wax with one dye block or combine with additional dye blocks.

Compatibility and Mixing

All the dye blocks are compatible with each other and can be mixed to create custom colors. They work well with any type of candle wax, allowing you to experiment with unique color combinations.

Color Options

We offer 27 vibrant colors of dye blocks and two types of UV absorbers. You can purchase individual colors or the Dye Block Sample Kit that includes all 29 blocks.

Color Chart Usage Guidelines

Our dye block color chart and usage guidelines are available for free download. To access them, disable any popup blockers and click the link below. You can also purchase a laminated, full-color version of the chart and guidelines.

Dye Block Color Chart & Usage Guidelines (PDF)

Requires Adobe Acrobat reader. Don't have Adobe Reader? Get it free of charge here.