IGI 2281 Base Paraffin Wax

IGI 2281 Base Paraffin Wax

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This soft wax is designed for use in the manufacture of mottled container candles or can be used to achieve a smooth look with the addition of additives such as Vybar 260.

  • Very little shrinkage occurs which means that a re-pour is usually not necessary (when no additives are used and wax is poured at 150��F or below.)
  • Fragrance oil retention of 3% is typical.  Higher fragrance loads may be achievable with the use of additives although you should be aware that the use of additives will diminish the "mottled" look.
  • Good scent throw.
  • Good burn characteristics.
  • Average pouring temperature is 150-160��F

Pallets may not be available at this time. Please call to inquire.

NOTE: During the hotter months of the year, this wax can slightly melt during shipping to or from our location. It does not hurt the wax or change its characteristics, other than it may cause the slabs to stick together and to the box.



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