Using the EZ Wick Setter Tool

This handy little tool making wicking a jar easy! Take a look at this video to see how to use it.

First, you're going to take your sheet of wick stickers and peel one side back.
You then take your wick and press the wick tab onto one of the wick stickers until it adheres.
Next, pick up the EZ wick setter tool and slide the wick down into the metal tube until the magnet at the end grabs the wick.
Once this is done you can place the wick setter tool into your jar and press the plunger down.
The EZ Wick Setter tool perfectly centers the wick for you and adheres it to the bottom of the jar.
Now, take your wick bar, thread the wick through the center hole, and slide the wick into the notch're done!