Candle Making Equipment Guide

Candle making does not require a lot of expensive equipment. Most of what you will need can most likely be found around your house. This page briefly describes some of the most popular candle making equipment and accessories which you probably don't already have.

Pouring Pot

An absolute essential for candlemakers of all sizes. These aluminum pots are around 3 quarts in size and will hold around 4 pounds of wax. Many candlemakers find it convenient to have a separate pouring pot for each fragrance they regularly produce, although this is not necessary for a beginner. All of our candle making starter kits include a mini pouring pot.

Digital Scale

The key to achieving consistent results when producing your candles is to keep a written record of the exact quantities of each ingredient in your recipe and carefully measuring out each ingredient when you produce each batch. Any accurate scale will do the job, but our digital scales are relatively inexpensive and extremely convenient.


Candy Thermometer

This basic glass candy thermometer has been a staple of candlemaking for decades. All of our candle making starter kits include this thermometer.

Dial Thermometer

Dial thermometers, although slightly more expense, are less fragile than the glass candy thermometers.

Digital Thermometer

Although the most expensive, this is also the most convenient thermometer. Durable construction along with a quick temperature reading displayed in digital form.

EZ Wick Setting Tool

This handy tool ensures that your wicks are perfectly centered in your jars by automatically centering and setting the wick into your container. We also carry a Multi E-Z Wick Setter Tool that can center up to three wicks at a time. The tool is designed to fit the largest possible number of container sizes. Its innovative design has 6 different diameters between 2 and 3 inches which allows it to fit nearly any container size (under 3" inside diameter at the neck). Plus, you can use the tool for multiple sizes and it takes only seconds to adjust the tool from one container size to the next. The tool is designed to fit the most popular sizes, but obviously, there are an untold number of container sizes, so if you determine that your container doesn't fit close enough to get the wick perfectly centered, you can send your tool (along with your container) to the manufacturer and they will modify it FREE of charge and send it back to you. The use of this tool, along with the use of our Wick Stickers (to keep the wick centered on the bottom of the jar), and our Bow Tie Wick Bars (to keep the wick centered on the top of the jar), create a comprehensive system of quickly and accurately centering your wicks which helps to ensure a high quality candle. Click here for operating instructions.