How to Decorate a Jar Using Fabric

Start by gathering all the items that you will need. The process will go much more smoothly if everything is readily accessible.

Here's What You'll Need:

Candle Jar (filled or empty)

Sheer or Lightweight Fabric



Hot Glue Gun

Small Embellishments (rhinestones, etc.)

Step 1

Start by gathering your supplies to make sure everything is readily accessible.

Step 2

To determine the size of the piece of fabric, first determine the height of the container. Double the height and add an extra 0.25 - 0.5" to make sure there is sufficient fabric for ballooning or fluffing the fabric. The container in this demo is the 12 ounce Libbey Interlude. It is 3.5" tall, so the fabric has been cut to 7.5".

3.5" x 2 = 7" + 0.5" = 7.5"

Note: Dimensions of the containers we offer are provided on each individual container page.

Step 3

The length of the piece should be at least equal to the circumference of the container. To calculate the circumference, multiply the diameter by Π(3.14). This container is 3.625" in diameter, so the calculation will be:

3.625" x 3.14 = 11.38"

For this example, there will be small tucks in the fabric to create a gathered look, so a few extra inches have been added. The starting piece is 7.5" x 15" If necessary, the excess can be trimmed away later.

Step 4

To hide the 'seam' in the fabric, fold the top and bottom edge of the fabric to the center and secure it. Sewing it together will work, or simply use a small dot of hot glue about every ½ -1". Try to get as close to center as possible, but it doesn't have to be perfect. The fabric will look like a flattened tube when done.

Be careful not to burn your finger when using the hot glue. The tip of an un-sharpened pencil, a skewer, or toothpick will keep your skin out of harm's way.

Step 5

Add tucks to the fabric or leave as is. If adding tucks, place the fabric with the seam side up. Make about ¼" folds in the fabric about every 1.5 - 2". Make sure to include both layers of fabric in the fold. Secure it with a small dot of hot glue.

Step 6

To give a finished edge to the end of the fabric, fold the raw edge of the fabric to the inside of the 'tube'. Detach a little hot glue if necessary to make this possible. Once the edges are tucked in, secure that with a small dot of hot glue.

Only do this to one end now; the other end will be done in step 8.

Step 7

Attach the fabric to the container. Starting with the finished edge, secure the fabric to the glass using small dots of hot glue. Attaching it in the center at the seam will make the hot glue nearly invisible once the ribbon is added.>/

Step 8

Trim the excess fabric making sure to leave enough to hide the raw edge as in step 6. After trimming and finishing the edge, secure the fabric to the container with a small dot of hot glue.

Step 9

Attach the ribbon using small dots of hot glue at 1 -2" intervals. Overlap the end of the ribbon slightly.

Step 10

Use the embellishment you selected to hide the overlapping ribbon seam.

That's it!

You're finished! Enjoy your festive creation.

NOTE: Make sure to keep any flammable materials, like ribbon or fabric, on the outside of the container. Having these items too close to the wick can be a fire hazard.

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