Different Types of Candle Molds for Candle Making

Votive Molds

These votive molds are our most popular selling molds and are very easy to use. They produce a votive candle which is about 2 ounces in size and will burn for approximately 15 hours.

Seamless Aluminum Molds

Our seamless aluminum molds produce round pillar candles. They are constructed of a highly durable and rigid aluminum. The bottom of the mold (top of the candle) has a slight concave shape to contain the initial melt pool once the candle is lit. A wick hole is already present in the mold and various sizes are available.

Pillar Molds

Pillar molds produce many shapes and sizes of pillar candles. They are constructed of a durable tin-plated steel. A wick hole is already present in the mold. Each mold of this type also comes with a wick bar, mold sealer, a short length of raw wicking, and some general instructions.

Silicone Molds

Our silicone molds are perfect for making candle tarts or soap. Very easy release and virtually no clean up. Ready to use over and over again! Silicone is oven safe up to 500°F. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. These silicone molds require no spray to release and wax or soap easily comes out with no residue. Each cavity varies in size from 1oz to around 4oz depending on the mold you select. If you are wanting smaller candle tarts or soap, you can always pour them only halfway as well.