Video Tutorial - How to Make Roll-On Perfume

Watch this video to learn how to make your own roll on perfumes using our skin safe fragrance oils.

Hello everyone and welcome back to our channel! London is here with me again for our series of kid-friendly projects and today we're going to be making a roll-on perfumes. It literally only takes two ingredients and it's super super easy to make these guys. We made one earlier and London said she couldn't believe how simple that was so, this is very easy to do! For this project, you're going to need a roller bottle or bottles depending on how many you want to make. You'll need fragrance oil of your choice and, this is going to have to be skin safe since it's made to put directly onto your skin. Some kind of a lightweight carrier oil, we're going to be using fractionated coconut oil. It's very lightweight, its unscented, and it absorbs into your skin really easily. Then we have our little measuring spoons and a teeny tiny little metal funnel. This is just to make the filling process a little bit easier with the amber bottles. We're going to take you to the steps on how to do this and show you how simple it is to make your own perfume!
Okay, the first step is going to be measuring out your carrier oil. So if you want to turn on your scale there then go ahead and put the little amber bottle on the scale. You just want to make sure that everything is zeroed out. We're going to be measuring everything in grams today, especially since it's on such a small scale. If you tried to measure it in ounces with this scale only having two decimal places it would just be way too difficult to do. So, take your little funnel here and you're going to place that down inside the bottle and then you're gonna have to tare it out again because it's gonna measure the weight of the funnel. Then, what we're going to do is take the fractionated coconut oil and we're gonna measure out seven grams. If you have a steady hand you can try to do this directly into the little funnel. I'm not one of those people as you can see by me squirting the coconut oil everywhere, so it is kind of better I think to put it in a smaller measuring container like this. Next, you're going to take your little pipette here... You can also use any kind of alittle dropper that you might have but the pipette actually came with our bottles so makes it perfect. We're going to be using one of our most popular men's fragrances today. This is Cowboy and it just smells so good! It smells like a really strong and clean men's fragrance, doesn't it?
We're going to tare this out again... Let me clean up my mess here...sorry. Okay, London's going to measure out about two grams of the fragrance oil into the little bottle. Well, that wasn't even a gram! Some of the fragrance oils are a little bit lighter than others. Oh no, look at this...2 grams! Our scale just had a brain fart apparently. Some of the fragrance oils are lighter than others so, volume wise, you may end up adding more of one fragrance than another. The Fruit Slices, for example, is a very light fragrance so it has a very low density. So when you measure it out if you were to put it side-by-side in a clear measuring cup next to Blueberry Cobbler you'd probably have a little bit more of the Fruit Slices than the Blueberry Cobbler. This is why we sell out our fragrance oils by weight as opposed to volume because you'd actually be getting less of some if we did it by volume instead.
So ,we've measured out the fragrance oil now let's take the little funnel off of the scale as well. You want to make sure that there is a little bit of room left oherwise you won't be able to get your little roller ball down inside of there. You have to be able to kind of shake it up a little bit as well. If you want to take the little roller ball, I'll hold it for you. Place that down in there then take your lid and put that on then you can kind of swish it around.
That's pretty much it! It's a very simple project to do to, and just two simple ingredients. You've just got to make sure that you have a skin safe fragrance as well as the amber bottles. These make great gifts to go along with the bath bombs that we made before, one video ago. They're pretty fun to make right? So, down in the description box, we will put a list of all the ingredients that we used today. I found the amber bottles that came the pipettes, as well as the funnel and the fractionated coconut oil all on Amazon so I'll link everything down in the description box below. I'll also list the recipe that I used today.
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We'll see you later, bye!