Tube Wicks
Tube Wicks

Tube Wicks

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Tube wicks are a new type of wooden wick that work with a traditional cotton wick. You get the steady burn from a cotton wick but the crackling sound that is unique to wooden wicks!

These wicks do not require a wick tab since you will be pairing them with a cotton wick. They are approximately 5 inches long and half an inch wide. They're made of a single ply piece of wood rolled into a tube shape. These wicks come with a protective plastic cover on each wick. This cover must be removed before using these wicks.

Sizing can take a little bit of testing but these wicks are fairly easy to work with! To choose the proper size cotton wick to go along with your tube wick, take the recommended wick size for your container from our guide to wicking and go down one size. (Example: If you usually use an ECO-10 wick, you would go down to the ECO-8 to use with the tube wick.)