Naturewax C-6 Soy/Coconut Container Wax

Naturewax C-6 Soy/Coconut Container Wax

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This blend of coconut and soy wax is a true single pour and is designed to adhere to the sides of the jars.  This wax produces a smooth top on candles and has a beautiful white finish (whiter than most soy waxes).  This wax should be used only for the manufacture of container candles.

  • All natural!!
  • A TRUE single pour wax when used properly.
  • Holds an average amount of fragrance oil.  Fragrance oil retention of 6% is typical.  Higher amounts are possibly achievable with the use of certain additives.
  • Holds dye well and produces very vivid colors.
  • Exhibits excellent adhesion to glass containers when used properly.
  • Very good burn characteristics.
  • Great scent throw.
  • Comes in a slab form which is soft and easy to cut.
  • Average pour temperature: 160 - 170��F 

Pallets may need a 3-4 week lead time based on availability.

NOTE: During the hotter months of the year, this wax can slightly melt during shipping to or from our location. It does not hurt the wax or change its characteristics, other than it may cause the slabs to stick together and to the box.



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