Measuring & Adding Fragrance Oil to Your Wax

Watch this video to see how to measure fragrance oil using a digital scale.

First, set a paper plate down on your scale to protect it from the hot pouring pot.
Then, turn your scale on and let it reach zero.
We recommend measuring in ounces but you can measure in grams if you prefer.
Place your pouring pot on the scale and tare it out to zero.
Next, take your bottle of fragrance oil and slowly pour it in until you reach the desired amount of fragrance.
A good rule of thumb is one ounce of fragrance to every pound of wax but, many waxes canhold more or even less.
Finally, take a metal spoon and stir your fragrance for about two to three minutes.
You'll want to make sure you stir long enough to bind the fragrance to the wax.
If you can still see the fragrance oil floating around just keep stirring!
Sometimes it may take longer to stir the fragrance into the wax.